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Ashley with Steel Strapping Wood Range Hood

Ashley with Steel Strapping Wood Range Hood


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What is the hood made of?

Our hoods are made of 3/4” thick hardwood veneer plywood. For painted finishes, we use maple, for stained finishes we offer maple or oak.

Strapping is 1" wide.

What are the interior dimensions of the hood?

Our hoods are made of 3/4″ hardwood veneer plywood. To determine the interior width, subtract 1.5″ from the hood size. For instance, for a 36″ wide hood the interior width would be 34.5″ wide. The interior depth is 18" standard. As an option, the depth can be increased to either 19-3/8", 20-1/2″ or 22-1/2″. The apron height is 8-1/4″ tall.

Will my blower unit work with the hood?

To determine if your blower unit will fit you must look at the interior dimensions of the hood. We use 3/4″ thick material for the construction of the hoods. To determine the interior width, you would look at the size hood you are interested in and subtract 1.5″. For example, for a 48″ hood the interior width would be 46.5″ wide. Then you must determine the interior depth. The standard interior depth is 18″, with the option to increase the depth to 19-3/8", 20-1/2″ or 22-1/2″. Make sure to select the option that will best accommodate your insert. You must also look at height. The apron is 8-1/4″ tall. If your insert is taller than this, reach out to us directly so we can help.

What are total exterior dimensions of the hood?

The total exterior width is the width of the hood plus the width of the trim molding on each side of the hood. The trim molding on this hood is 3/8" thick. So, for a 30″ wide hood the overall width will be 30-3/4″.

What height hood do I need for my ceiling height?

We recommend 30″-36″ between your cooktop and the bottom of the hood. Typically, if you have 8′ ceilings we would recommend a 30″ tall hood. With 9′ ceilings we recommend a 36″ tall hood and with 10′ ceilings, we recommend a 48″ tall hood

Is the hood trimmable?

Yes, this hood is trimmable by up to 6″. This can be done on-site, or we can cut it down before we ship it for an additional charge. Please note that you cannot cut the hoods by more than 6″ as it will threaten the structural integrity of the hoods.

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