Collection: LIGHT RAIL

Light Rail Molding - Light rail molding is used under wall cabinets to conceal under-cabinet lighting and to add a decorative element to the overall design. In the past, under cabinet lighting options were limited to bulky fluorescent lights that were often visible when installed underneath the wall cabinet. Light rail molding styles were often 2” in height, which do a fine job of concealing the light fixtures. Today, under cabinet lighting can be very low-profile – often an inch or less in height. Lighting technologies like LED, compact fluorescent lights, Xenon, and Halogen sources make this possible. Our Slimline Light Ready light rail is the perfect fit for low-profile lighting.
Frameless Cabinetry - Frameless (or full-access) cabinetry has no recess on the bottom of a wall cabinet. Any lighting that is installed underneath the wall cabinet will be visible. If you are using frameless cabinetry and plan to have under cabinet lighting, light rail molding of some type should be considered.
Why 92" Long? We ship our molding at 92" long (cut down from the standard 96" length) due to shipping limitations. Once packages reach 94" in length, both FedEx and UPS consider them to be 'oversized', charging hefty extra handling fees. Oversized items can be subject to additional damage and delays.  
Use light rail in your next kitchen design and amaze your clients with an unbeatable combination of value and style. That's what we call Custom Within Reach™