Product Replacement

No Charge Replacement Policy. 

There is no charge if the replacement product is an exact item that:

  • Was damaged during shipping
  • Falls under the Vista Finishing warranty
  • Does not meet the Vista Finishing standard for quality manufacturing

Vista Finishing will be responsible for all shipping costs in the event of a No Charge Replacement order.

Replacement Order Procedures.

ALL REPLACEMENT ORDERS MUST BE AUTHORIZED BY CUSTOMER SERVICE. Please contact Vista Finishing Customer Service for replacement order procedure instructions. Photographs may be required to process return.

(216) 243-8660
Service Hours:
Monday – Friday – 8:00AM – 6:00PM,  Eastern Time


Defective Product (No Charge Replacement).

You are responsible for checking your order to determine if there is any defective product. Report defects to Vista Finishing Customer Service for product replacement. You have 30 days, from date of delivery, to report defective products. Vista Finishing may request pictures in lieu of inspection to help expedite replacement order process.

Climate Considerations.

Dry wood undergoes small changes in dimension with normal changes in relative humidity. More humid air will cause slight swelling and drier air will cause slight shrinkage. These changes are not considered defective. Vista Finishing wood components are dried, stored and assembled in a controlled environment to minimize dimensional changes after the product leaves our factory. This means the moisture content in our product is controlled to work optimally in most US locations. If you install (or store product for an extended time period) in an extremely humid area of the country, or in a building without air-conditioning, you can expect your product to change dimensionally. We design our product to accommodate some of this dimensional change. If you would like to know more about the dimensional changes in wood, please contact Vista Finishing Customer Service.

Wood Species and Finish.

Wood is a product of nature. How wood looks and feels is affected by climate, soil nutrients, growing season, season of harvest and age at harvest. Wood contains natural imperfections that are part of its appeal and character. Every piece of wood —even within the same tree— is slightly different in color, texture and grain from every other piece. All wood species and finishes should avoid long term exposure to moisture. Finish stain & paint also have variations because they are applied to wood products that are not perfectly consistent. NOTE: Veneer wood products can react differently to the stain or paint process than solid hardwood. Applied panel material (veneer) does not have the same character traits as solid hardwood and may vary in color, graining, sheen and tone depths.