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Corbels - When people think of corbels and brackets, they often will think of them as support for shelves or countertops with overhangs, but they can be for so much more!
Corbels and brackets are another way of adding a design element to cabinet design, and depending on where they are placed, can change the most basic cabinet to a more designer, furniture look.
Decorative corbels and brackets are a way of adding “false” support for cabinets and countertops. We say false because most corbels and brackets are meant to be decorative only and not used as an actual support. When designing countertops with overhangs, be aware of what is needed for additional support, which is dependent on the countertop material.
Use corbels with one of our partner cabinetry lines in your next kitchen design and amaze your clients with an unbeatable combination of value and style. That's what we call Custom Within Reach™